New experience to add to my collection

This past January I was invited to join the Marketing department at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, Massachusetts. I was to cover someone’s role during their maternity leave, and my responsibility was initially more project management than graphic design. Soon after I started it became apparent that my graphic design talents were very useful and I began to work on the projects I was managing. From banners to brochures, flyers to folders, I worked on many different projects for the South Shore Health System.

I loved it.

Healthcare is something I am very passionate about and it was so uplifting to work on materials that would help educate current and future patients on the capabilities of the health care system. Every day I looked forward to what awaited me in my inbox, and each night I felt as though I had accomplished something great. More importantly, the people were fantastic to work with.

You can’t really ask for more than that from a job, even if it is a contract position. As far as I am concerned, every role I apply for is a new opportunity to collect another great experience.

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